Can I have my photos in black and white?
Sure, just add a note of it during the checkout process.
How can I navigate the photos?
You can click on the current photo.
You can click the arrows in the navigation panel.
You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard.
What types of photography do you do?
I do strictly on-location work: I do not have a studio.
My focus is Wedding and Senoir portrait photography, but I also enjoy sporting events!
What don't you do?
I can't do anything that involves a professional studio (which I don't have access to).
How can I pay?
Currently, I only accept cash or checks. I am working on a credit card / debit card processor however.
When are you available for a photo shoot?
I go to school in Champaign full time, so naturally Christmas Break, Spring Break, and the Summer are ideal. I can, however, make a trip home if you schedule in advance.
Still have a question...
Go to the Contact Page and send me an email or give me a call.