Common Sizes
Size Price
4x6 $3.00
5x7 $4.00
8x10 $5.00
4 Wallets $3.50
Other Sizes
Size Price
5x5 $3.50
6x9 $4.50
8x8 $5.00
8x12 $6.00
10x10 $7.00
10x13 $8.00
10x15 $9.00
All photos are available with a la carte pricing. You will pay for only what you want, no more no less. The print prices are listed around this page. For portrait sessions I have a standard sitting fee of $35.00 which is due at the time of the shoot.

I don't have an option for touch-up because it is included in every image. However, if you specifically want touch-up, mention it and I'll be sure to retouch it to your liking.